Canny Contraptions

Can you push/explode/bounce/blow/direct/drop/break the paperball into the goal?

The all new ultimate inventions game is here!

Try to drop/fling/explode/bounce/push/blow/direct/release/hold/break or magneticaly pull the paperball carefuly into the goal!
You could let it drop and then bounce it off a trampoline or blow it into the air and then push it to the side or use some dynamite or ...
There are too many ways to fit them all here, so just try it out yourself!

120 unique and exciting levels await you, so solve them with perfection!
Some levels are in space, some underwater and some are completly magnetic!
Try to collect 3 stars in every level!
You will have hours of fun solving these riddles!

- 120 unique levels filled with possibillities!
- 20 objects to combine to get there!
- 360 Stars to collect along the way!
- multiple hints per level to help you when in need!

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